• Acid Staining & Etching
  • Acrylic Coatings & Sealers
  • Airless Sprayed Coatings
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Anti-Microbial Coatings
  • Cementitious Coatings
  • Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coatings
  • Concrete Floor Leveling
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Concrete Resurfacing, Restoration, & Refinishing
  • Concrete Stain
  • Conductive Floor Coverings
  • Corrosion Control
  • Cove Base
  • Crack Injection


  • Decorative Mortar
  • Decorative Mosaic Floor Coating (Vinyl Chip)
  • Diamond Grinding Surface Preparation
  • Eco Friendly Epoxy & Urethanes
  • Elastomeric Epoxy
  • Epoxy Broadcast Flooring
  • Epoxy Sealers
  • Floor Joint Repair, Filling, & Sealing
  • Heat Resistant
  • High Build Epoxy Coating
  • Impact Resistant
  • Intumescent Coatings
  • Line Striping


  • Logos & Graphics
  • MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate)
  • Moisture Vapor Mitigation
  • Quartz Flooring
  • Scarifying
  • Seamless Floor Coatings
  • Shot Blasting
  • Slip Resistant Safety Coatings
  • Stenciled Work
  • Terrazzo
  • Thermal Shock
  • Thin-Mil Epoxy &Urethane Coatings
  • Traffic Coats
  • Urethane Mortar

It costs less to do it right the first time

Choosing the right contractor who will ensure that the qualified system is installed according to manufacturers specifications costs less in the long haul. Resinous flooring’s cure times minimize shut downs and get your facility back into production quickly. Fast installations, low maintenance requirements, combined with maximum durability allow resinous flooring to have a lower life cycle cost than conventional flooring.

Why Pay More For Less