Harsh chemicals, volatile temperature fluctuations, exposure to the elements- industrial environments are some of the nastiest beasts out there. Fortunately, there is a coating for whatever condition your environment endures. The performance and beauty of epoxy coatings can bridle the unrelenting challenges your facility faces every day.


When entering industrial workplaces, many hazards are present. As a company, we insist upon the highest standards of safety for our employees. Taking the extra time to complete the work safely is paramount. Our crews obtain many safety credentials and continually recertify to stay current. While on your site, our crews extend our level of safety excellence and professionalism to contribute to an injury free workplace.


Job training, classroom presentations, and online video drills are our primary tool in preparing to work safely. Personal Protective Equipment is our second line of defense. Donning the appropriate safety gear provides a barrier between our workers and the ever present hazards- both environmental and created by our task. Thorough Job Safety Analysis and daily tool-box talks creates consistency and promotes awareness- two core principles in helping to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.


Fiber glass wraps wetted through with resin repairs damaged pipe in place. The result is a finished product with a greater strength and durability than replacing with new pipe. Without the need to take the line out, turn around times are minimal and the impact to your establishment is minor.